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I have been having neck, shoulder and arm pain for several months and finally seeked care from my chiropractor but it was not helping after 6 weeks of multiple vists for massage therapy and manual adjustments. Finally out of frustration i decided to seek help elsewhere.


I chose Intown PT because they offered Dry Needling plus when i called they were sympathetic and managed to get me in the next day, I met Ingrid and explained my problems, i could tell she was very knowledgeable and she LISTENED.


We decided that Dry Needling would be the best solution and by the time i left I had a slight improvement, My second visit was with Jennifer and she was also awesome. Within 2 visits i have had such great improvement that i almost cant believe it.

Monica a – neck, Shoulder, arm

The difference between my situation before and after physical therapy with Dr. Anderson is incredible. I was having constant shoulder pain that would become very intense at times. Lifting was out of the question. I was taking Motrin constantly. After a couple visits to the doctor and an MRI, I was told I had two tears in my shoulder as well as tendonosis. Surgery seemed likely, but the doctor said I could try physical therapy.

Dr. Anderson expertly assessed my situation, not just biomechanically, but my lifestyle and what my goals were. She provided an efficient progression of exercises directed at long-term improvement and getting me to where I wanted to be. On top of that, she had numerous techniques to alleviate pain and help improve my mobility. Dr. Anderson continuously monitored my progress as I went from pained, to pain-free, to lifting again.

I am now no longer in pain and no longer taking Motrin around the clock. What's more, I have been able to start lifting again and doing activities I was very worried I would not be able to again without surgery (and have to deal with the side effects of surgery). Dr. Anderson is a real expert. Throughout PT she was positive, energetic, and friendly. I'd totally recommend Ingrid if you're having any issues.

James H – Shoulder

I was suffering from upper back pain between and around my shoulders that was causing me to pop Advil and Tylenol throughout the day like snacks and that was impacting my ability to concentrate. I saw Dr. Anderson and she did an amazing job treating me for the pain. By the time, I left that first visit my pain had dramatically improved, and it was completely gone by the time of our second visit a few days later.

Dr. Anderson was very detail oriented, patiently soliciting the details of my pain and then providing me with information about what she believed was at the root of my troubles while suggesting how she was going to approach the therapy. She was very attentive, agreeable, and approachable and I felt well informed at every step of the treatment.

I would recommend Dr. Anderson for anyone suffering from recurring muscular skeletal pains. I now know where to go should my neck or back trouble me again!

John W – Shoulder and upper back

...After 2+ months of a disastrous lower back situation--to the point where I thought I was in traction--the entire problem literally melted away. Ingrid Anderson is not only good at what she does--she's a phenomenally great person to talk to and confide in as well. Trustworthy, smart and dynamic. Bring your issues and she'll know how to fix them. She had surprising, drill-down knowledge of my male-centric issues and had a pointed empathy that really struck a cord (letter changed for the intended bad pun).

In addition to all that, Ingrid gave me some great pointers on how to exercise in a smarter way that doesn't tax the body as hard as traditional stuff. It's a tack I'm going to take from now on to protect against injury in the future.

So, if you're ailing about something, go. You'll leave there feeling better and smarter about your body. I promise.

Will P – lower back

Ingrid was very knowledgeable of my condition. She was patient, but insistent on my treatment so that I could regain full and total use of my shoulder. My treatment workouts were planned and there was no wait time between exercises.

Donald – Shoulder

I have been receiving therapy for postpartum back and hip pain. So far, I have been very impressed. The young woman who signed me in was courteous and knowledgeable. I found immediate relief from my hip pan after our appointment, and was given exercises to work on improving my abdominal tone to help with the back pain. Dr. Ingrid Anderson was professional without being stuffy. I felt as though I was in very good hands. I am going back for follow-up treatment in the coming weeks!

Della – Back & Hip

Ingrid tailored my program to my needs and seemed ahead of the game at all times. Her help and competence are greatly appreciated.

Karl – Shoulder

I have multiple physical therapy issues - recent double mastectomy, previous car accident resulting in crushed tibia and full hip replacement. Dr Anderson not only addressed the most immediate issue (weakness in hip replacement leg) but also counseled me on recent scar tissue and rebuilding strength  in weak areas.  I did not feel rushed and I felt like I had her total attention. I felt like she took her time with me and addressed all issues. She made me feel very comfortable, even though there were sensitive areas we needed to address. She has some new tools that I had not seen in any other PT offices, which helped focus totally on areas in distress, without taxing other areas, and giving immediate results to area of concern.

I would totally recommend Dr. Anderson for any of your PT needs. I plan to continue seeing her as I am getting excellent results from the exercises she recommended.

Christine – Hip

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I had a total left knee replacement. Just over a year later, my right knee was also replaced. I received such high-quality care from Ingrid Anderson that I returned well before my 2012 surgery so I could be added to Ingrid’s physical therapy schedule.


Full recovery from knee replacement requires the best physical therapy you can find. I needed physical therapy that delivered great results. Ingrid did just that! Both times. Thank you so much for all you have done for me. You're the BEST!

Bill – Knee

Ingrid Anderson was my therapist and I couldn't have been more pleased. She definitely knows her job. She was friendly, courteous, and professional at all times. Should I ever need therapy again, I won't even consider going anywhere else.

Steven – Shoulder

Ingrid did an excellent job encouraging me and pushing me to work hard. I definitely would not have made so much progress so quickly had I gone somewhere else. Thank you!


I must admit that I was a bit skeptical about PT in general when my doctor suggested it. However, I desperately needed help with my knee and decided to try it. I quickly saw that my skepticism was unfounded. Having now completed my course of therapy, and feeling the improvement, I am a firm believer that it works!


After my very first session with Ingrid, I looked forward to each one and felt very comfortable there. Ingrid was wonderful...she is very knowledgeable and professional, but also has compassion for her patients which, for me, is a perfect combination of professionalism and compassion. Ingrid, you are awesome!!! :)

Janet – Knee

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physical therapy case study


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Physical Therapy is a tricky one for me.  I think I'm like most people when I say, all I want is fast results and very little homework. Dr. Anderson understood this all too well, and did a fantastic job at satisfying this while also providing me with some real pain relief.  

For years I have been avoiding doing activities that consistently result in pain, but it got to the point where there were few activities left I could do, and it was time to not only treat some acute pain I was suffering from a kickboxing injury, but to figure out the root problem.

I've had three sessions and my acute pain is gone, and preventable in the future with the exercises I have (and I'm back at kickboxing!). With the underlying causes, we've been working together, and I've noticed I'm having considerably less day-to-day pain, which I had just got used to. Faith in PT is restored.


Amanda – Knee, Hip, Lower Back

After a left knee replacement I came to PT with a lot of questions. Ingrid Anderson was my therapist and I soon found that she was very knowledgeable in how to bring range of motion back to my "overhauled" knee. It was very important for me to know that I was recieving therapy from someone who understood how to get me back on my feet. She answered any and every question I had and I can't thank her enough.

Bill – Knee

Ingrid Anderson was very professional, helpful and personable. She knows her PT and is exceptionally good with people. I recently went to another PT provider ... and was not really helped physically. Ingrid really made a big improvement in my condition. My discomfort has eased very significantly, and I'm pleased with her home exercise plan.

Conrad – Low Back