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painful to walk


shoulder pain

Painful to walk – Ankle pain

Kathy, a 70-year-old woman, had sustained a serious ankle fracture that had to be repaired on both sides with plates and screws. Kathy’s condition is a good example of central sensitization (because of the allodynia, pain with light touch) as well as an autonomic contribution to her pain, as indicated by the color and temperature changes...

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Gym instructor – Shoulder pain

Dee, a 32-year-old gym owner and instructor, came to us with left shoulder pain. She had injured her shoulder seven months earlier while lifting, but after discussion, she realized that her left shoulder had always been weaker than the right. She was no longer able to perform overhead lifting, which was limiting her ability to teach classes at her gym. Obviously, as a gym owner and fitness instructor, Dee considers strength and endurance to be very important...

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